PipeMonit® Swarm S2

Ultrasonic corrosion/ erosion monitoring providing the industry’s most accurate wall thickness measurements.

Working in close cooperation with Sensorlink’s team of experts in ultrasound measurement and processing, Tangen Engineering have provided product development services in electronics, embedded software/ firmware, project management and technical marking to make the next generation ultrasonic corrosion monitoring system. The result is an industry-leading product featuring:

·         Ultra-low power consumption

·         High-precision mixed-signal design

·         Advanced on-board processing

·         Wireless communication based on ISA100 and Bluetooth

·         Intrinsic safety (IECEx/ ATEX Zone 1)


Sensorlink Subsea Products

Sensorlink is a market leader in non-intrusive wall thickness monitoring, corrosion rate estimation and corrosion profile estimation for seabed pipelines.

The UltraMonit® SEC (Subsea Erosion Corrosion) effectively monitors internal corrosion and erosion rates in pipelines using ultrasound technology to provide highly accurate measurements.

Tangen Engineering teamed up with Sensorlink to develop the core technical solutions in the leading portfolio of Subsea Erosion Corrosion monitoring products. The UltraMonit® technology is the best on the market with respect to precision, accuracy and speed of detection. Tangen Engineering delivered services in specification, design, implementation, testing and industrialization of the core electronics and embedded software/ firmware components of the system, including the multi-channel ultrasonic sensor and a datalogger supporting multiple communication interfaces. Key features of these products are:

·         High-precision measurement data

·         Robust communication

·         Rugged components for high-pressure and high-temperature operational environment


·         IPC Class 3 design for increased reliability and longevity


Vision Remote AS

Vision Remote is a merge of traditional radio remote control systems and tablets used in rough environments.

The Vision Remote products are new and universal control units used in several applications like maritime, offshore wind and other handling equipment by large international companies.
Tangen Engineering together with Vision Remote team developed SW platform, electronic HW and mechanical design.

Our focus and requirements related to this project was safety, cyber security, flexibility and construction of an industrial rugged product. Important part of this project is safety and security related to wireless communication.

This project also involved explosion proof certification according to IECEx and ATEX.


Actuade AS
Actuade AS is a Norwegian manufacturer of rugged subsea Rotators and Pan & Tilt units for use down top 6000 meter. The Actuade products are used by some of the largest ROV and subsea operation companies.

The Actuade products are made for continuous and hard use down to 6000 meter depth for remote positioning of subsea camera, light and laser units.

Tangen Engineering was involved in all categories R&D in this project as mechanical construction, SW and rugged subsea electronic design. Request for this project was to make the most rugged and innovative product on the marked compared to existing related products. Several Actuade’s customers confirm that Tangen Engineering succeeded in this job and are satisfied users of more than 100 delivered Actuade units in field.


Eelume AS
Eelume is a disruptive technology for subsea inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR). Eelume vehicles are basically self-propelled, autonomous robotic arms whose slender and flexible body can transit over long distances and carry out IMR in confined spaces not accessible by conventional underwater vehicles.

Tangen Engineering has participated in developing communication solutions in the robot and integration of solutions for machine vision and autonomy.